BALLIT is a software product designed to facilitate and streamline lobbying efforts for state bank association leaders. It offers several features to help these leaders identify and coordinate their outreach efforts effectively.

Bank Identification

By incorporating key FDIC reports, BALLIT allows state bank association leaders to identify banks based on specific criteria, such as asset range, geography, and political boundaries. This feature helps them pinpoint financial institutions that align with their lobbying goals. For example, they can target banks operating in a particular federal reserve district, or falling under specific legislative districts.

Political Boundary Mapping

BALLIT identifies banks within state and federal legislative districts which is crucial for effective lobbying efforts. State bank association leaders can use this feature to visualize which banks fall within the jurisdictions of various politicians, making it easier to coordinate lobbying efforts and outreach.

State bank association leaders can use BALLIT to simplify the process of identifying, communicating with, and coordinating lobbying efforts with banks and politicians.

Simplify the process

of lobbying efforts.

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