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We are the creators of Lending Leads.

Lending Leads is a one-of-a-kind relationship-based prospecting tool for commercial and residential lenders, compliance staff and financial institution leaders.

About Lending Leads

Lending Leads is a comprehensive solution that provides actionable data to drive growth, enhance compliance efforts, optimize operations, and unleash the full potential of your institution. When you subscribe to Lending Leads, you gain access to qualified leads, detailed information on the competitive landscape, and more in an all in one cloud-based, user-friendly platform.

Drive Success

Leadership Supported by Data-Driven Decision Making

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Fuel Growth

Prospecting & Business Development using Data-Driven Strategies

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Unleash Potential

Data-Driven Commercial & Residential Lending

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Enhance Compliance

Strengthen Regulatory Compliance with Data Insights

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Hear from Lending Leads Users

“We chose Lending Leads because of the ease and access of their platform. Having the ability to drill down with specific parameters has allowed us to refine our prospecting.”

VP-Market Development
Farm Credit Service Lender
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Driving Success through Data-Driven Decision Making

The ability to make informed decisions is critical to achieving sustainable growth. Lending Leads equips you with analytics and actionable insights and provides a view of your institution’s relationships and lending performance alongside your peers. Lending Leads summarizes market activity to identify new opportunities, protect your existing relationships, and drive strategic initiatives that lead to enhanced profitability and long-term success.

Marketing & Business Development

Fueling Growth through Data-Driven Strategies

Effective marketing and business development strategies are essential for driving growth. We empower marketing and business development professionals with the data-driven insights necessary to craft targeted campaigns and optimize customer engagement. By leveraging our advanced analytics, you can align your marketing efforts to drive customer acquisition and foster long-term relationships.


Unleashing the Potential of Data-Driven Lending

A lender’s success hinges on the ability to retain current customers and identify and engage qualified prospects. Lending Leads is a relationship-based prospecting platform that enables you to access a vast network of potential prospects. Lending Leads makes data actionable, allowing you to identify the most promising lending opportunities, optimize your sales pipeline and close deals with confidence.


Strengthening the Bond Between Compliance and Lending

Compliance is a critical aspect of banking operations, and Data Driven Partners is here to support your CRA and Fair Lending efforts. With Lending Leads you can streamline reporting, quickly compare your lending patterns to your competitors’, and build a culture of collaboration between compliance and lending.

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